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The Recession Bubble

It’s now been over a decade since the famous ‘dot-com’ bubble and catastrophic burst that followed. During the bubble growth the World Wide Web - or www - became investors’ favourite phrase; many relative newcomers to the markets were becoming overnight success...

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Testing SEO Myths

Why am I starting another blog if this one isn't regularly updated? Maybe because I believe blogs don't need to be regularly updated. Although I am not writing often here, this blog still enjoys visitors from search engine. The reason is that I have written mostly...

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February Link Love

Yet another month in which I saw what the quality of StumbleUpon traffic is. The visual guide How to live the life of your dreams made a lot of visits, especially on the first day it was stumbled. But most of these visitors come, read the article and just go. The...

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January Link Love – Many Recession Posts

Few links that deserve your attention from the past month. In December I ignored the recession, but in January there were some really good ones: Jim at Blueprint For Financial Prosperity suggests that you should not worry for the stock market, but invest in family....

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November Link Love – No Recession Posts

Most of the bloggers (including me) in the last month were discussing the recession in one or another way. I am a bit tired of talking about it - with or without our talks the recession is here and we have to deal with it. So I have decided to select the best posts of...

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October Link Love

I've not written much the last month for the reason I haven't much interesting ideas to share. I don't like posting just for the sake of it and regardless the loss of traffic, I prefer not to do it. With so many personal finance bloggers however, there are enough who...

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August Link Love

August is the laziest month in my part of the world and it's no surprise there have been less posts on this blog this months. But the fellow bloggers don't sleep - or at least not as much. They have provided a lot of interesting articles. Let's check them out: Connie...

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July Link Love

Here are the posts from around the blogosphere that I think deserve most of your attention. Tricia @ Blogging Away Debt suggests that you should let your kids make money mistakes. Trying to guard them too much doesn't help in other areas of life either. Jim @...

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Going to India

At the time this post gets published I should be something like 10,000 km over Kazakhstan or so. I am going on two weeks work related journey to India. I will be online often, but I have decided to let few guest posts in for some of the time. So, hang around - you can...

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