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Useful Investment Apps for Investors

The world of investment can be really hard to understand; particularly if you are new to investing. However, thanks to modern technology you can benefit from a number of helpful apps. The apps mentioned below are some of the best investment apps available on the...

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Quick Trade From Jason Fielder – Only 105 Minutes

I just got an email from Jason Fielder as a part of his promotion for Triad Formula 2.0. This was really cracking me up. The email reads: I just posted a video of a “Squish-Squash” trade I did yesterday that snagged 22 pips faster than a dog raises his hind leg....

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BGBR Update – Marketing or Stock Guru?

I wrote a post about BGBR some days ago (read the post here). BGBR was a stock pick from the site DayTradingRobot. The day the trade was called BGBR was priced at 1.23, and in the email from DayTradingRobot, we were promised that if BGBR did not triple in price over...

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BGBR – Pump & Dump?

Long time ago, I signed up with on a website called daytradingrobot; a site who´s owner claims to send out stock picks which will skyrocket after he calls them. Today I got an email from him (Jason) about his stock pick of 2010 – a small company called Big Bear Mining...

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Playing Big

Too often people who want to start a startup or any kind of small business do a major mistake from the beginning. They try to play big hoping that this will make their business big. What do I mean? You probably have friends who have gone this route. They want to start...

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Correlation Code Webinar with Jason Fielder

The Correlation Code from Jason Fielder is coming closer, and I get daily email from IM’ers trying to push this product. As I mentioned in my last post, this does not seem to fit my trading strategy, but the concept itself is rather interesting. More videos have been...

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How To Live The Life Of Your Dreams (Visual Guide)

Here is a little schema that may help you figure out how to improve your finances and your life in general. I hope you'll manage through all the arrows 8-). For at least 90% of the people the problems and solutions lie in the below chart. If you believe you are from...

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