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Some people calculate percentages with great speed and accuracy and they do not even use a paper or pen. Others struggle to calculate even with a paper and pen as well. What could be the major difference between these two categories? More often than not, it is not the superior IQ level that makes people really good at calculating percentages. With the help of simple techniques, anybody can become an expert in calculating percentages and here are some of the easy tips and tricks to mentally calculate percentages (%).

1: How to calculate 5% of any number?

What does percentage mean? Take an example of 1%. It means that 1 per 100 and 2% means that 2 per 100. Calculating 5% can be done with the help of a simple technique. What is 5% of 268? You will get the 10% of any number by moving the decimal place one digit over. First of all, you will have to find out the 10% 268 and it is 26.8. When you divide 10 by 2, you will get 5. If 10% of 268 is 26.8, you should divide that number by 2 to get the 5% (26.8/2) and the answer is 13.4. You will be able to find the 5% of any number using this simple technique

2: A simple technique to find out 15% of any number

Fast math

Fast Math

What is 15% of 36? This question can be answered quite easily. You should split 15% into 10% and 5% (10%+5%) and the next step is to calculate 10% of 36. You will get the answer by moving the decimal place one digit over. The answer is 3.6 and in order to get 5%, you need to divide by 2 (3.6/2). The answer is 1.8. Since we have divided 15% into 10% and 5%, you have to add these two answers (3.6+1.8) to get the final answer and that is 5.4. Using this method, you can find out the 15% of any number.

3: How to calculate the percentage of any given number

A basic understanding about the concept of percentage will help you solve any complicated problem with great ease and comfort. What is 41% of 333? Finding an answer to this question is not at all difficult. First of all, you should divide 41% into 10%+10%+10%+10%+1% and then, the process of finding the correct answer becomes really simple. 10% of 333 is 33.3 and 1% of 333 is 3.33. (In order to get 1% of any number, you will have to move the decimal place two digits over) Now, you should add 33.3 four times (33.3+33.3+33.3+33.3+3.33) and 3.33 should also be added. The final answer is 136.5.

When you follow these types of easy tips and tricks to mentally calculate percentages (%), dealing with percentages will become a hassle free process and your math skills will get improved considerably as well.