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Mind Tricks for Math Magician written by

People have different reasons for engaging on magic performance. Many people engage in that for the fun and prestige they derive from it. Magicians try to become creative while on stage. They adopt different tricks to entice their audience.

Whether the magician is an experienced or a beginner, he adopts mind mental tricks in all his performances. Many things are involved in this trick. When one becomes perfect in the act, he would find it fun, entertaining, and amazing. Trained magicians use different mind mental tricks to entertain their fans.

The processes are not only magical, but also scientific. It is scientific because some basic math theories are involved. Magicians employ these principles to entertain their fans. The methods adopted by magicians are scientific because they employ the principles of statistics and probability. It is through these principles that the magicians are able to predict correctly the answers to their audience questions. This is possible by mastering the mental magic tricks.

Math magician performs different kinds of magic. The most common among them is picking of cards. They have a way of predicting the card their audience picked. Magicians would tell the card the audience picked by reading their minds. It may seem impossible that he could predict the card the audience picks. While making the prediction of the card, he relies on the assumption that their audience has knowledge of four different cards available. Working on this assumption, he predicts the card correctly. Before coming to the audience, the magician has already performed a trick of putting those four cards in his pockets, he only needs to remember the places he puts each of the cards.

Another common mental trick performed by the magicians is the picking of numbers. Different magic tricks are also involved when it comes to picking the correct numbers, especially the numbers from 50 to 100. Magicians could require any member of his audience to choose any even numbers from 50 to 100. The usual number selected in such a situation is 68. They think ahead of their audience before demanding they pick a number. He would make sure they pick the correct numbers he wants them to pick, which in most cases are number 68.

Research indicates that most of the mental magic tricks adopt basic math principles, especially the principles of statistics and probability. However, it is not everybody that could apply these basic math principles in his magic performances. If the magician fails to master the math probabilities, he would not impress his audience.

Math magician uses many tricks to entice his audience. The expertise does not come overnight. He sacrifices lots of energy and resources before mastering the act. Great magicians spend a lot to attain their position. With resourcefulness, courage, and the correct equipment, anybody could become perfect in mental tricks. Just like other professions, he could improve on the tricks as he progresses. The magician must be in control by beaming with confidence while on stage. Confidence and determination are very important in mental tricks.