FXStreet Managed Forex Accounts

I was a bit hesitant if to present you these managed accounts at all. To be frank, I don’t think these guys are very professional. On the other hand their un-leveraged program has been bringing stable conservative ROI since 2006 which makes me think they must have a decent system. So, let me go ahead and present you the FX Street Managed Forex Account in short:


This is their conservative program running since 2006. The minimum investment here is $100,000 and the return since inception is 24.23%. This makes 1.62% monthly ROI – nothing hot, but stable if you can afford such big investment.


I was interested in this managed account, because its minimum is only $2,500. The problem is that the results are very volatile which seems to be a rule in the low entry managed forex accounts. The return since inception is actually better – 25.64% since March 2007 which makes 2.33% average monthly ROI. The most unpleasant part is that they had quite a big drawdown of 14.95% last October and last two months are negative in row.

Last two months are December 2007 and January 2008 because they still have not updated February results. This is one of the reasons to call them not very professional. The other reason is that I applied a couple of months ago and still have to hear from them about my account. I’ve heard similar complains from other investors, which makes me thing their customer service isn’t rocking.

If by any chance you are already an active investor and know fresher results, please let me hear them. I will make another effort to contact them about my account, because I still want to give this service a try. $2,500 is a nice minimum at least.