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Fast Math – Do you find mathematics difficult? Difficult to understand, learn and calculate? I did, from the very first time I had this subject in school, and it troubled me in many years.

It was not before I started to learn shortcuts, it all started to become really interesting. At first I fond this interesting because it meant that I could get my homework done much faster than I used to be able to. But learning all sort of shortcuts also resulted in greater interest in mathematics, and specifically in fast math. I simply wanted to learn, more, to get more work done faster. Over the years, my view on mathematics had completely changed and I now found it both interesting and fascinating, and the motivation for learning more, was not a result of being able to finish my work faster, but because of true interest in the field of mathematics.

learning all sort of shortcuts also resulted in greater interest in mathematics, and specifically in fast math. I simply wanted to learn, more, to get more work done faster.

Needless to say that this has been very valuable for me, and with Fast Math I hope I can motivate you in the same direction, so you can benefit in a similar manner. Maybe you are here to lean how to calculate quickly, to learn mathematics in a short period of time, to learn a few tips and tricks, or maybe for something else related to mathematics. Either way, I hope you will find what you are looking for. With that being said, I always welcome comments, questions and suggestions. So feel free to send me an email if you got something on your mind.

I believe anyone can learn fast math. You really don’t have to be a genius to get to this point. You just need to learn shortcuts, which, in my opinion, tend to be a lot easier to learn and remember. However, it will of course be a lot easier to get started if you at least got a hang of the basics of mathematics. However, don’t give up just yet. Let me show an example of how easy things can be.

Fast Math

Fast Math

I find multiplying single digits to be fairly simply because I learned most of them by heart. However, there are a couple of easy steps to keep in mind, which will easy the learning process. Lets take a look at some Fast Math.


0: When multiplying something by 0 (zero), the result will always be 0.

1: When multiplying X *1 the number will be X.

2: As most people find it easy to add numbers, rather than multiplying, simply add the number to itself: 2 * 6 = 6 + 6 = 12

5: When multiplying by 5, keep in mind that the last digit of the result always goes 5,0,5,0,5… If your not sure if its ending on 5 or 0, simply think that the result if always half of the number multiplied by 10. Take for example 5 * 5 =? Well 10*5 is 50, and half of this is 25 = 5 * 5.

6: If you multiply an even number with 6, the final digit of the result will be the same as the even number, use for the equation. 6 * 2 = 12, 6 * 4 = 24, 6 * 6 = 36

9: An easier way to think about the result of X * 9 is to think the number multiplied by 10 and then deduct the number from the result. If you were to find the result of 9 * 5, do the following:

10 * 5 = 50.

50 – 5 = 45

10: It doesn’t get a lot easier than this. Simply add a zero to the number being multiplied with 10.

11: Eleven is very simple as well. Up to 9 * 11, you can simply repeat the digit being multiplied with 11.

6 * 11 = 66

After 9 * 11, there is another simple rule you can use. Let say you want to multiply 12 * 11

12 * 11 = 1__2

What we do here is; take the number being multiplied by 11, and put it in the result space. Now put an imaginary space between the two numbers (between 1 and 2). In order to come up with the missing number between the 1 and 2, simply add up the two numbers = 1 + 2 = 3, and put this in the imaginary space. Now you result reads: 132. This is fast math, and it is easy!

Lets take a look at some more examples. Say we want to:

Divide by 5: Instead of dividing a number by 5, you could first multiply the number by 2 and then divide by 10. Some might claim this wont be any easier as it involves an extra step, compared to that of simply dividing by 5. However, multiplying by 2 is easy, and so it dividing by 10 – For a lot of people, this will probably be easier than dividing by 5.

25 / 5 = 5


25 * 2 = 50

50 / 10 = 5

Divide by 4: Say you are to divide a number by 4. For a lot of people, including myself, it is a lot easier to divide something by 2. So lets say you are to divide 428 by 4. Instead of this you could simply divide half of the number with 2.

428 / 4 = 107

which would be easier to see with the figure cut in half

214 / 2 = 107

The same holds true if you were to multiply by 4. Simply take double the number in question to be multiplied, and multiply it by 2.

These above, are just a few examples of many, which can help you develop your mathematical skills. We will share a lot more here on Fast Math, so you can come here to develop your skills further. Below I have listed some books which can help you speed up your learning in mathematics.


Speed Mathematics Simplified

Fast math with Speed Mathematics Simplified
This is a good book on the topic of Fast Math. It definitely gave me some good points and I do recommend this book to anyone looking to improve their mathematical skills. The book is cheap and you can get it from Amazon. You can also get the book in Kindle version, so you can basically start reading it within minutes. Grab yourself a copy. You wont be disappointed.

Below are some of the comments from the reviews posted on Amazon for Speed Mathematics Simplified.

To find out that everything you were taught in school about arithmetic was the slow dumb way to do it is a slap in the face. If you can handle that and are willing to have and open mind about it, this is the book for you.

Want to make others believe you are a genius? Need to make a good impression during a job interview that likes to throw mental math problems to test an applicant’s intelligence? If so, this book is an excellent foundation to mastery of mental arithmetic.

Complete High Speed Vedic Mathematics Workshop in 8 DVD set by Gaurav Tekriwal

Complete High Speed Vedic Mathematics Workshop in 8 DVD set by Gaurav Tekriwal
I have not yet seen these dvd’s but there are some good reviews on Amazon, and I think a lot of people struggeling with mathematics, dvd’s might a good choice, where you visually get to see what’s happening, rather than reading about it.

These dvd’s are on my wishlist. I will make sure to post a review here on Fast Math once I have seen them. I you have seen them, please share your thoughts below.

While there are some good videos out there to show you how to use Vedic Math, this has been by far the best introduction and application of Vedic Mathematics by far.

I’ve read a couple of books about this but to see it in action and with great instruction and demonstrations, I am very happy with this purchase and I highly recommend it for anybody who is curious to learn this wonderful form of mathematics.

Speed Mathematics: Secret Skills for Quick Calculations

Speed math
This book written by Bill Handley is another good resource for those looking to improve their fast math capabilities. Bill does a very good job at describing how to do maths quickly and easily for use in your daily life. The book is a perfect reference, and a fresh breath of air for those who are stuck with the “normal” way of doing math.

Get your kindly version for the $10 and get started right now.

Awesome Book that has helped me to refresh and invigorate my math skills!!! I plan on learning all the techniques and tutoring students in Mr. Handley’s method

The examples posted above are simple ideas but it does show you that mathematics can be a lot easier than what most people think. I hope this has triggered your mind. If you want to know more, start reading some of the posts here on Fast Math, and see how math can be greatly simplified.