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Welcome to Fast Math. This is my new site where I will write about everything I can think of, related to what I define as Fast Math – calculating mathematics quickly and easily using an approach, which makes it far easier and faster to process mathematical problems.

I will do this through cool math games, multiplication games, maths puzzles, math tricks, math questions, etc. and this way show you that math is fun, and easy to learn when done the right way.

Today everybody has a calculator, or access to sites like WolframAlpha, which makes it a breeze to solve mathematical equations. These are easy solutions which people often turn to, since mathematics often becomes complication and tiresome.

With Fast Math I hope I can help some people change their mind about mathematics and show you that it can be both fun and easy. If this is your first time here, you should read Fast Math, just to see some ideas of how you can simplify easy calculations.

Fast Math is possible, and although people often tend to think it will be impossible to learn if mathematics already is a weak spot, this could not be further from the truth. As a matter of fact, fast math will more often than not be easier to mathematics “the normal way”, as we rely more in shortcuts than on the typical mathematical calculations.

Stay tuned for more fast math..