Can you learn day trading In 12 minutes?

Do you want to manage your investments in your own hands?

The managed accounts, mutual and hedge funds, signal services and private pools are nice, but you have no control on the risks. You just allow someone else to manage your money.

Trading yourself is entirely different thing. You are the one who takes all the risks, but also all the profits. You can stop at any time or hunt for great profits at times when a professional managed would be shy to act.

Still I have always preferred to allow someone else do the work for me, just because I don’t want to read one hundred fat books on trading.

The only thing which can make me change my mind about this is some step-by-step guide or system showing me what to do. It must not take too much of my time, it must not require too much effort and it must bring positive results.

I know I want want to much. But Rockwell Trading seems to satisfy my need.

This company offers 12 minutes free video which throws you directly in the day trading business. I was highly sceptical, but after watching the video I was quite impressed. Since it takes only 12 minutes of your time, just go ahead and watch it. Yes, it’s an advertising video of course, but it’s a good one.

The Rockwell Trading coaching program teaches us how to determine the right direction, when to close your positions and on which market to do it.

One thing I liked a lot from their sales page was the fact they give link out to Google showing the results which appear when you search for their CEO’s name Markus Heitkoetter. Now compare this to a famous HYIP scammer Fred Honea who was claiming to be a great forex trader.

Now I won’t retell you all that is written on the free trial page, but I want to draw your attention at their performance guarantee.

If after completing their coaching program you don’t see a major improvement of your trading results, they’ll pay you out $1,001 from their own pocket.

This may sound crazy, but I’ll explain you why they can do it and why it is not scam:

– They know a reasonable amount of users who apply for the free trial will subscribe for the paid program. This means even their trial delivers a very good quality.

– They know that their coaching program delivers results and that there will be no unhappy customers. Of course there will be some cheaters and morons who’ll want to get their money back anyway, but this is part of the business. Most “students” really achieve very good results so they wouldn’t even think about asking for this money.

The cost of the coaching program is $2,497 and that’s not much compared to the tens of thousands it can bring you.

You can watch the video and sign up for the trial with no obligations.

The biggest disadvantage I see in this program, obviously is that it requires your active participation. So it depends on your time schedule if you will be able to profit from it.