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Are you a Math Magician?

Are You a Math Magician?

Some people just seem to be born with an uncanny ability to process numbers in one way or another. Maybe they can add, subtract, multiply and divide with ease – and without a calculator. Maybe they have an exceptionally strong business savvy and can process accounting columns in their head. There are even a select few that are able to accurately count cards in a casino, predict lottery odds, or otherwise process statistical information in a beneficial way.

Math Myths

Those who were not blessed by the math fairy have probably been told that they “just aren’t good” at math. Sadly, they have come to believe that common math myth. As a result, they tend to rely heavily on other people, calculators and computers to bail them out of every math jam they encounter. These people have accepted the fate that they are good at some things but not others. And, maybe they just prefer reading a good novel rather than spend the evening factoring trinomials.

Another common misconception is that people cannot “learn” math if they were not born with the elusive math gene. While it is true that natural born math magicians are a relatively small percentage of the population, it is possible for others to learn the secrets to math success.

Several tools are available today to help uncover the masked math magicians of the world. Tutoring classes and even online courses offer one on one training to help strengthen basic math skills. So called math magicians have even helped students learn through the use of entertaining magic tricks.

Trick or Treat

One of the best tools of learning is to be entertained while learning. Not every math magician is interested in teaching, though. Some just want to wow the crowd.

It should come as no surprise that people are willing to pay good money to attend a show that contains both math and magic. Since math holds some magical quality to most people anyway, it is interesting to watch an entertainer bring those mystical quality to life.

The most common tricks of the math magician trade are superfast multiplication, division and even finding square roots. There is pressure to do these problems in front of a crowd and without even a piece of scratch paper. But, these expert math magicians do it faster than a calculator! Random audience members will test their accuracy using their own calculators. Now that folks, is magic!