Devrim Managed Forex – $5,000 Minimum

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Here is another medium risk managed forex account. Devrim is offered by PFGBEST and traded by a turkish trader named Devrim Akyil.

The funny thing is they don’t offer full details on PFGBEST website so further information about the managed account should be obtained by phone, mail or third party sources. I’ll save you the initial research:

Minimum investment: $5,000

Date of inception: October 2006

Average ROI: 2.98% per month

Maximum Leverage: 30:1

Sharp Value: 8.78

So far it has never had a negative month. Of course, there is always time to “improve” that.

Generally Devrim seems like safe option in the world of forex managed accounts. Not aiming for 100% yearly ROI like other services, but not pulling your nerves with huge drawdowns either. For a $5k account seems rather good opportunity.

If you want to invest you can do that on PFGBEST site.

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  2. Wael

    Hi all, I want to share this because I love other people make more money. I’ve met a guy who works at a currency exchange company called Boston Trading and Research LLC ( and I opened an account with them, they give 6% profit monthly which is so good. The company is number 3 worldwide, so I advice everyone to invest in it. Good luck guys.

    Hope you will all make money


    Wael, do you know who the trader is over there at btrfx? Hmmm….. Could it possibly be……..Ahmet Devrim Akyil? Yeah, I thought so. Man, why does everyone try to sell this guy in so many different packages only to find out that it’s the same guy – hopefully he’s actually making money ’cause he’s sure being advertised enough by many, many, many different names!

  4. admin

    Wow, that’s interesting. So once he advertises as average ROI 3% per month – in Devrim – and the next time as 6%? Raises some doubts in me.

  5. Ross

    Don’t be alarmed. I know the guy and have an account with PFG and I know others that know him too. he used to trade for banks and he is a very careful trader and trades only the pick of the market meaning 2 or 3 days in a month. nothing wild. Just talk to PFG managed account dep. and they will give you a decent profile on many CTA’s offering managed program trading with them.There are always commission whores around trying to make a buck.He did make me 5.5% this month.

    Good luck.

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  8. Joe

    Actually Derek, you’re what I’d call a shill. Just like the other 3 posts under different names dropping the exact same lines. I wouldn’t trust BTRFX with any of my money. Go with PFG if you’re gonna invest with Devrim.

  9. ross

    I have noticed a huge degree of sloppiness with DEV. I have seen my account going up for a couple of hundred bucks to finally end up in a loss for the same trades. Yesterday for example had 6 Short positions open EUR/USD for around 1.5696. price moved down to 1.5509 and backup again to now for 1.5662. well PFG as usual had some technical problems and I couldn’t monitor my account for hours. but just as I check the daily report guess what “all trades were closed with an small loss”. in my case it should of been at least 4% profit if the trader had closed trades on time. it is hard to wait for the price to turn on you for 190 pips and you just sit and do nothing. it is the second time that this happens. it is significant because trader does not trade often. I’ve lost confidence in this I should say. I believe one of these days it will eventually go to a big loss.

    Good luck.

  10. DEREK

    >>Joe Says:
    >>March 18th, 2008 at 11:38 am
    >>Actually Derek, you’re what I’d call a shill.

    I see you can’t accept good advice. You are a Moron with a Capital M.

  11. Ross

    Well it happened again. very funny I suppose. on Friday account was up almost 900 pips(he really knows how to trade). by Monday afternoon it was 1500 pips up. well would he take the profit?? Monday night i receive the report. guess what !!yes al the 1500 pips was gone plus an addition of 100 pips down. LOL I couldn’t”t of have lost that much if I had done random trades all day long. I guess exactly what he had done based on all the trades he had placed.

  12. Dustin

    I agree. I would not trust BTRFX with my money. Aren’t they the Tradex people? VERY ROUGH characters. Definately go with PFG if you must try Devrim.

    I’m just very skepitcal

    how do we get proof that trades are actually being made?

  13. Moh Sam

    Guys I read all the post, for me, I was researching about BTRFX and found that now they are now running under maximum financial group, which is a huge investment group. I opened an account to try them and so far they are doing really good, we can judge from past things. Joe, etrader or who ever u can go and check the offices of btrfx at boston, New york, florida, kansas or even Bahrain and see if they r really working or not!!!!!

  14. We also have a managed account that may be of interest to you. Our system is monitored but 100% automated. We use hard stop loss orders on every trade. Our system is out of the market at the end of every day.

    Feel free to view our live account statements at

  15. Be Careful

    Watch out for BTRFX. They are a scam company with a long history of fraudulent acts. Yes they were tradex.

    Is devrim from btrfx the same devrim as pfg?

    by the way: the kansas and bahrain offices just have one employee

    and the nyc office is sloppy and full of unqualified people

    ahem…former travel agents

    notice all people in that company are from non extradition countries.

    BUYER beware. consider yourself warned.

  16. Ross

    Hey Dana,

    this guy has cost me just about half of my account “2x leverage” until now and yes I am freaking unhappy. what would you suggest?? he keeps trading against the market (trend)and loses time and time again. please leave me number and give me a reason to call you.

  17. Sam

    Devrim Akyil and his gang will do it again after they closed their shop (BTR). Now they will open a new shop in Florida with a guy called Simon Adderley! This is riduclos. When I read the stories at I become shocked. Those crooks must go to Jail

  18. Ammar

    im investor from out side America and we received internet promotion, I wonder how the Security exchange commission, allowed for one like Devrim Akyil (Turkish man) to have investor from out side USA and stole there money, and he did this before and he is going on without any one says no for him, unfortunately there is no web site for BTRFX any more and no way to contacts the one stole our money.

  19. Richard B

    Dear Ammar, the only way to get your money back and you can is by suing Devrim Akyil personally, this is what I did and he gave me my money to stop suing him.

  20. ray/Kathy

    Please e mail me so i can talk with you. we lost our retirement savings and we are now loosing our home. please give a number where we can reach you. Thnax for your help.

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